Features & Benefits

Osha Cumpliance And Hydraulics

OSHA’s lockout standard applies to all forms of energy, including hydraulic energy. Safe-T-Bleed is the only product in the world that is specifically designed to bring a hydraulic system into total compliance with OSHA’s lockout standard with respect to de-energization and verification.

Safely Lower Loads

A suspended load presents a considerable problem if a holding valve malfunctions, or the prime mover is disabled. More importantly, it presents a dangerous safety hazard if “trial-and- error” methods are used to remove the oil from a cylinder to lower a load. Safe-T- Bleed allows you to safely lower suspended loads without ever exhausting oil to atmosphere.

Safely Air Bleed

Safe-T-Bleed’s unique closed-loop AirBleed™ system allows you to remove air from cylinders, air bleed pumps, load-sense lines, etc., safely and effectively, without ever having to open the system to atmosphere. This feature protects people and the environment.

Safely Check Pressure

Safe-T- Bleed’s PressureChek™ assembly allows safe and simple, on-the- spot pressure checks under full system pressure anywhere a MicroBleed® valve is located in the system.

Safe Machine Adjustment

In certain situations, it may be necessary to manually move a hydraulic cylinder to dislodge a foreign object, or to make an adjustment. To do this a person may be forced to enter a pinch-point area while the power unit is operating, in defiance of their company’s lockout policy. Safe-T-Bleed allows you to manually move a hydraulic cylinder with the power unit locked out, thus, protecting people from pinch-point hazards.

Environmentally Friendly

An estimated 200 million gallons of hydraulic oil is wasted each year in the U.S. Safe-T- Bleed is an environmentally riendly system. When Safe-T- Bleed is installed in a hydraulic system, oil is NEVER exhausted to atmosphere while de-energizing, air-bleeding, or pressure monitoring.

User Friendly

Safe-T-Bleed’s compact, user-friendly, hydraulic Energy Control Module (ECM), and the MicroBleed valves, are safe, simple, and easy to use.

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